November 13, 2021

Basic Cattle Care Tips & Handling Guidelines

If you own cattle, you know that they too need proper care to live a healthy life. Caring cattle is a challenge for many, yet it’s a crucial part of farming and agriculture. Whether it’s too hot or too cold, the impact on your cattle is significant. Further, poor care and an unhealthy environment can result in decreased milk production. Hence, you should take care of the cattle.
You should know what’s the right food for your cattle, how you should check their health, and how to treat common medical issues. Viking Barns has brought to you a detailed infographic that teaches you how to take care of your cattle.

The infographic is segregated into five sections that include

  • Nutritional Needs of Cattle
  • Handling Cattle
  • Shelter Requirements for Cattle
  • Health Care of Cattle
  • Common Health Problems of Cattle

It’s important to thoroughly read every point of the infographic to get sound learnings about cattle care and healthcare guidelines.

Basic Cattle Care Tips & Handling Guidelines

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