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    Top Selling Metal Horse Barns

    Check from our wide range of Metal Horse Barns and order the one that fits in your custom needs.

    42x36x15 Step Down Barn

    42x36x15 Step Down Barn

    42x36x15 step-down barn comes with two 12'x36'x10' lean-tos, three walk-in doors, and more.

    40x40x12 Commercial Building

    40x40x12 Commercial Building

    40x40x12 standard steel building includes (1) 36"x80" Walk-in Door, (8) 30"x36" Windows, and other components. The

    48x31x12 Agricultural Metal Barn

    48x31x12 Agricultural Metal Barn

    48x31x12 Agricultural Metal Barn with frame outs, A-frame vertical roofs, Gable end, and horizontal slides.

    48x31x12 Center Aisle Metal Barn

    48x31x12 Center Aisle Metal Barn

    This Center Aisle Metal Barn is 48’ wide x 31′ long x 12’ tall where center building is 24’ wide.

    42x26x12 Horse Barn

    42x26x12 Horse Barn

    42x26x12 Horse Barn with (2) side frame outs on one side. Center building with gable at front and lean-tos with gable at both ends.

    42x25x12 Farm Storage Barn

    42x25x12 Farm Storage Barn

    Pictured is a 42x25x12 Farm Storage Barn with 18' wide x 25' long x 12' tall center with two gables and both sides enclosed.

    Prefabricated Horse Barns

    Maintaining an equestrian lifestyle isn’t easy until you have enough housing and storage utilities for them. That’s why many horse lovers limit the number of horses and keep a few horses to continue caring and handling them well. However, this isn’t a reliable answer to your custom barn needs.

    Buying a prefab horse barn is what you need. You can order a custom-built horse barn for your land and get it installed for your custom needs. The horse barn can be installed up to 60 feet in height. No inner columns are required as an obstruction to your clear span barn building. Here you will find various designs with custom designs and various add-ons that beautify your building and add value to the property.

    What are the Advantages of Metal Horse Barns?

    According to the stats, till last-November, 2020, the USA witnessed 52,113 wildfires. You need a robust barn for your horses to confront such wildfire and protect your equestrian without fail. The metal horse barn is the perfect solution for such needs. Steel is fire-resistant, making your beloved horses and other assets utterly safe from fire.

    Not only fire, Metal Barn are also capable of standing still against heavy floods, high winds, and snow load. Metal horse barns are made to withstand harsh weather conditions.

    A standard horse barn is made to survive for 4-5 decades, without demand high and repetitive maintenance. Compared to traditional barn structures, steel horse barns are also pest-resistant. Horse metal barn requires timely checkups; however, they don’t need high maintenance costs.

    Horse steel barns are resistant to UV radiations and storms; hence your horse family is entirely safe from the weather.

    Other benefits of steel horse barns that make it the ultimate option for horse lovers are:

    Open Space for Versatile Use: Metal horse barns give you a broad area for whatever use you want. Compared to traditional buildings, you don’t need to worry about obstruction within the barn structure. Prefab-horse barn gives a clear-span area offering 100% open space for your usage.

    Budget-Friendly: Metal barns are highly cost-effective compared to other barn alternatives. Steel costs you less than traditional wood, and hence the final barn cost is far less than the wood horse barn. You can further save money in terms of labor costing and minimal maintenance.

    100% Eco-Friendly: With zero wastage, you can reuse 100% of the steel without affecting nature. Once your metal barn is no more in use, the barn structure can be easily dismantled and reused for other projects. Steel manufacturing is also an eco-friendly process that doesn’t leave any residue.

    Quick Construction: Horse barn buildings can be constructed in a shorter time period. The steel barns are prefabricated at the manufacturer, and they only require assembly at the job site. With this, you can save time and money on the building installation.

    Longevity: Custom horse barn can benefit you for decades without worrying about high maintenance costs. All you need is a regular checkup and low maintenance cost to upkeep your barn.

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    You are all set to book your custom-built horse barn and get it installed at your lot. At Viking Barns, we provide you delivery & installation in the shortest lead time. For more doubts give us a call at (704)-579-6966.

    Some Common Question

    Your horse metal barn must be spacious enough to shelter your horses and have a separate area for storage purposes. The standard horse barn dimensions that you must consider are:

    • Average-sized horses: 10’ x 12’ stall
    • For taller breeds: 12’ x 12’ stall
    • Miniature horses or ponies: 8’ x 10’ stall

    Survey your property and follow the points listed below to decide the best installation place for your custom horse barn:

    • Check for proper drainage options.
    • Check easy access to utilities and roads or driveways
    • Check for adequate airflow.
    • Check for level of expansion.

    Different horse barn structures are available to choose from. The common horse barn styles are:

    • Lean-To: Lean-to horse barns provide ample shelter space for your horses.
    • Monitor: Monitor horse barns offer two-story that is designed for multi-story usage.
    • Run-In Barn: Run-in horse barns are standard barn structures made to safeguard horses from extensive heat, rain, pests, and even flies.

    Metal horse barns are available at a highly competitive price. Yet multiple factors influence the final barn price, including steel price, demand for steel, customization needed, and many other factors. The best way to find the current barn prices is by calling our metal barn specialists at (704)-579-6966.