Metal Boat Carports

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    Steel Boat Carports

    Boats are fun! You can do various activities on a boat to spend your leisure time. However, boats are expensive assets and need proper maintenance and storage. People consider storing the boats at marinas, but it is inefficient. Dry boat storage is way better than dock parking because it slightly damages your watercraft.

    Steel boat carports are robust sheds that provide significant weather protection to safeguard your assets. Viking Barns has a wide range of quality metal boat carports that can help you best upkeep your watercraft. So, check out our product base and buy your steel boat carport at affordable prices.

    Why is Boat Dry Storage with Boat Carports Better than Dock Parking?

    You must be thinking in what ways the dry storage is better than putting it on the dock. People find it a tricky decision because buying a building is a significant investment. Here are some of the prominent reasons you should buy a metal boat carport for dry storage of your boat.

    Probability of Sinking: When you anchor your water bus at the dock, there are high chances that it gets damaged due to dock, underwater stones, and nearby boats during tides. Sometimes these damages can be severe, and your boat might sink. In case if it doesn't sink, then those damages may worsen over time, increasing your maintenance cost.

    Weather Protection: You can't get weather protection in the marinas, whereas you can get complete weather protection with a steel boat carport. Steel has the utmost tensile strength, which makes your shed withstand adverse weather conditions like blizzards, thunderstorms, hurricanes, etc.

    Moreover, if you employ the fabric covers to protect your boat at the dock, you won't get the weather protection, and there are high chances that your boat will get damaged harshly.

    Barnacles: Barnacles are water-borne pests that stick to your boat's hull, which causes significant harm to the boat. So, when your boat is in a marina, your boat is prone to the invasion of barnacles, which can ruin your watercraft.

    You won't face this problem of barnacles when you get a steel boat carport. It is a one-time investment, and you get life protection for your boat.

    Rent: When you own a boat, you need to ensure its storage for the rest of its life. Paying rent every year for your boat storage in the marina is inefficient. As you have seen in the above points, you don't get reliable boat safety in the marina, but still, you have to pay the rent. A metal boat carport is a way more effective option. You only invest once, and you get the top quality housing for your water bus without paying any rent.

    Vandalism and Theft: Boats are not secured at docks from vandalism and theft as compared to the private steel boat shed. You can better ensure your security in a boat carport than an outside parked boat at the dock. So, get your boat a steel boat carport to provide the best safety.

    Applications of Boat Carports: Here are some other purposes for which you can use your boat carport.

    • Car Parking
    • Bike Shelter
    • Patio Cover
    • Garden Shed
    • ATV Shelter
    • Garden Equipment Shelter

    Customization Options for Metal Boat Carports

    If you can't find any building that can meet your requirements or want something specific in your shed, you can use our customization option. Steel boat carports are fully customizable, and you can get the shed you really want.

    • Customizable Width, Length, and Height
    • 3 Roof Style (Regular, Boxed Eave, and Vertical)
    • Horizontal and Vertical Panels
    • 12 and 14 Gauge Steel Panels
    • 15- Color Options
    • Two-tone Color Options
    • 4- Garage Color Options

    Add-on Options

    • Windows
    • Skylights
    • Roll-up Garage Doors
    • Walk-in Doors
    • Wainscoting
    • Lean-to
    • Insulation (Double Bubble and Woven R-17)

    Features of Steel Boat Carports

    Here are the prominent features of boat carports that make these best for your boat storage.

    • High Tensile Strength
    • Longevity
    • Cost-Effectiveness
    • Energy-Efficiency
    • Fast Construction
    • Pests Free
    • Fire Safety
    • Recyclability

    Buy Your Metal Boat Carports from Viking Barns

    Viking Barns is one of the top metal building dealers in the nation, and you can get the best quality metal boat carports at competitive prices. We bestow the commercial-grade steel buildings so that you can have the best housing for your requirements.

    If you buy your boat carport from us, then you'll get a 20-year rust warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty with your building.

    Moreover, we offer flexible payment options like RTO and Financing to help the customers who can't afford the whole payment at once. So, order your metal boat carport now!

    If you need any help regarding the order, price, and payment, call us at (704)-579-6966.

    Some Common Frequently Asked Question

    • Steel Prices
    • Delivery Location
    • Manufacturer
    • Building Size
    • Design Complexity
    • Customizations

    Generally, when you place the order, you have to pay an upfront amount to book your building. The remaining amount you have to pay on the day of installation.

    If you can't pay the whole amount together on the installation day, then you can opt for our payment options RTO and Finance to buy your metal building .

    It depends. Some states of the USA have the provision of permits or approval. You should check out with your local building department to know whether you need a permit or not?

    If you need a permit, you must get it before the installation day; otherwise, installers won't install your shed.

    Top Selling Metal Boat Carports

    Check from our wide range of Metal Boat Carports and order the one that fits in your custom needs.

    44x21x12 Seneca Barn

    44x21x12 Seneca Barn

    44x21x12 Seneca Barn center unit is 20' wide x 21' long with 12' side height. With both sides closed in and two half ends with 18' wide x 11' tall frame outs.