Extra Large Metal Sheds

Get a metal structure with large open space and for your versatile purposes.

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    Top Selling Extra Large Metal Sheds

    Check from our wide range of Extra Large Metal Sheds and order the one that fits in your custom needs.

    20x50x10 Metal Combo Unit

    20x50x10 Metal Combo Unit

    20x50x10 metal combo unit comes with 15' utility, one walk-in door, and more.

    30'x70'x9' Combo Utility Metal Building

    30'x70'x9' Combo Utility Metal Building

    30'x70'x9' Utility Metal Building includes (3) 8' x 8' Garage Doors, (1) 36" x 80" Walk-In Door, and other components.

    30'x40'x12' Enclosed Metal Garage Building

    30'x40'x12' Enclosed Metal Garage Building

    30'x40'x12' Enclosed Metal Garage Building includes a 30' Wide x 40' Long x 12' Wall Height enclosed center unit with (1) 12'x40' Lean with 9' Wall Height.

    24'x36'x12' Custom Utility Building

    24'x36'x12' Custom Utility Building

    A versatile and spacious 24'x36'x12' Custom Utility Building designed to meet all your functional needs, which includes (6) 30" x 36" windows, (1) Walk-in door, and more.

    22'x26'x10' Lean To Metal Garage

    22'x26'x10' Lean To Metal Garage

    A versatile 22'x26'x10' Lean To Metal Garage designed to meet all your functional needs, which includes (1) 36" x 80" Walk-In-Door, (2) 9' x 8' Garage Doors, and more.

    20'x26'x9' Steel Garage With Lean To

    20'x26'x9' Steel Garage With Lean To

    Spacious 20'x26'x9' steel garage with convenient lean-to extension for versatile storage and workspace, which includes (1) 36x80 Walk-In-Door, (1) 9' x 8' Garage Doors, and more.

    18'x26'x10' Custom Steel Building

    18'x26'x10' Custom Steel Building

    18'X26'X10' Custom Steel Building comes with 10'W x 26'L x 9'/7'H Lean-To Shed.

    20'X36'X10' Utility Building

    20'X36'X10' Utility Building

    20x36x10 Metal Combo Unit includes (2) 12'x8' Frame Outs, (2) 8'x8' Garage Doors, and other components.

    30x41x12 Lean To Garage Building

    30x41x12 Lean To Garage Building

    30x41x12 steel garage with lean-to includes (1) 36"x80" Walk-in Door, (3) 10"x10" garage doors, and other components.

    Extra Large Steel Shed Buildings

    Standard metal shed is affordable and good to use for normal usage. However, they are not capable enough to store large stuff. So, if your requirements are big, you definitely need an extra-large metal shed that can keep your essentials safe from heavy rainfall, snowfall, high winds, and other weather hazards. At Viking Barns, you can order a prefabricated metal shed with extra-large width. We provide you a wide selection option that comes with an affordable price tag.

    Latest Extra Large Shed Prices

    Viking Barns provide you a wide range of extra large sheds at a highly affordable price. You can compare our prices with our competitors and acknowledge that we provide you supreme workmanship and warranties. We know what it takes to develop a metal structure that will survive for a long time by utilizing only the best materials and building techniques.

    Every metal shed listed on Viking Barns has a standard price. You can order it with the listed specifications and pay a small upfront right away to book your extra-large metal shed. Moreover, we also provide you easy customization options to build a custom structure meeting your end needs.

    The final price of your metal shed varies based on your customization. Commonly you are provided with a 14-gauge frame which can be extended to 12-gauge, based on your requirements.

    Simultaneously, you can also choose from three insulation options, including single bubble, double bubble, and woven R-17. Based on your customization, prices may vary. Hence, you can easily call us at +1 (704)579-6966 to discuss your custom requirements and let us find the perfect barn building for you.

    Metal sheds with extra-large space offer you vast space for usage. You are further provided with a 20-years rust-through warranty and 10-years of workmanship warranty. So, you can use a prefabricated metal shed for more than 3-4 decades. However, you must do regular checks and inspections to find any physical damages.

    Roof Style Options for Extra Wide Metal Sheds

    The roof style highly influences the overall strength of the metal shed. Viking Barns offers three roof options from which you can choose while ordering.

    Regular Roof: It's a GOOD roof option that provides your structure a clean, professional appearance. However, it is not viable in moderate or severe weather. It can only work well to protect your essentials from sunlight and normal rainfall.

    Boxed-Eave Roof: It's BETTER option which is also known as the A-frame roof option. It offers your building a residential outlook. It can also withstand moderate weather conditions. However, it is not recommended for use in locations with extreme weather conditions.

    Vertical Roof: It's the BEST roof style to safeguard your vehicles and other essentials from adverse weather. Vertical roof-style is highly recommended for areas with significant rains, snowfall, and high winds.

    Local building codes apply in many United States locations, which you must consider when purchasing the best-fit steel construction.

    Extra Large Metal Shed Payment Options

    Viking Barns provide you two options to order your dream metal building. Rent-To-Own and Financing are two options that you can choose to fulfill your dream. Rent-To-Own provided by Viking Barns are available with no credit checkers. Hence, if you have a low credit score, you are still eligible for RTO.

    Simultaneously, if you have a good credit score, you can also consider metal barn financing. Our financing option is available with the lowest interest rates.

    Some Most Common Frequently Asked Question

    Standard size of an extra-large steel shed starts 26'-width. The size can further extend to 30'-wide. Based on your personalized requirements, customizations can be made at the time of ordering.

    Yes! All states of the USA have specific guidelines for metal building installation. Based on your local weather conditions, local building codes are made. You can contact your local authority to get adequate permits before the metal building installation team arrives at your doorstep.

    Remember, you should take the permit before the delivery team arrives. Else, you will be charged extra, and installation will be delayed.

    Viking Barns have multiple options to make extra large metal shed fit for your purpose. The common list of customization includes:

    • Walk-in doors and windows
    • Sidewall panels
    • 12-gauge and 14-gauge galvanized framing
    • Lean-tos
    • Fully-enclosed walls
    • 29-gauge or 26-gauge sheet metal
    • Multiple colors options
    • Gables
    • Garage doors

    No metal building delivery depends upon multiple factors; some of them are unpredictable. Hence it's tough to commit metal building delivery. However, Viking Barns gives you an estimated timeframe.

    • 50% Orders (10-60 Days)
    • 30% Orders (61-80 Days)
    • 19% Orders (81-100 Days)
    • 01% Orders (101 or More)

    You have a high chance of getting your Straight barn delivery within 10-60 days. However, Viking Barns still don't assure you of the exact delivery dates as numerous other factors influence the final barn price.

    So, don't worry for your steel structure! We have decades of experience in the steel building industry, which helps to ensure that your metal building project runs smoothly and on time.