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    Top Selling Livestock Metal Barn

    Check from our wide range of Livestock Metal Barn and order the one that fits in your custom needs.

    50x62x12 Metal Barn

    50x62x12 Metal Barn

    50x62x12 Metal Barn comes with 30x41x12 Center unit, two 10'x41'x10' Vertical Lean toos, and more.

    Your livestock is a precious investment that requires proper protection. So, you deserve a high-quality metal livestock barn that could offer shelter to your cattle & livestock against the elements.

    Metal barns are highly essential to protect the farm equipment, livestock, haystack, etc., from theft, vandals, and harsh weather conditions. It’s an ideal way to protect your horses and livestock from the elements, store hay and feed, and keep your farm equipment or machinery secure.

    Livestock metal barns are available in two designs, i.e., single-story livestock barn building or a multi-story barn. Both these structures come with a clear span area, i.e., no internal columns. You can utilize the livestock steel barn to:

    • Feed your beloved animals
    • Store feed for animals
    • Store haystack
    • Park machinery

    Remember, the usage isn't limited to what's mentioned above. You can use the livestock barn for whatsoever you want. Custom livestock barns are also made to fit into customer's criteria without compromising with the barn strength.

    Buy Certified Metal Livestock Barns

    Livestock barns have a high potential to keep your domestic animals safe from other weather. Further, you can segregate them wisely and keep them grouped under one roof.

    However, with the change in weather, your livestock witnesses health issues that directly affect your business. Hence Viking Barns offers you certified metal livestock barns to keep the interior fully protected and preserved from the outer world. We offer fully customizable steel barns that can be insulated to keep your livestock warm, healthy, and protected throughout all seasons.

    Here you can choose from 12-gauge and 14-gauge galvanized steel. Among them, 12-gauge steel is highly recommended to strengthen your building and add to its durability. Furthermore, all livestock barns offered by Viking Barns come with a 20-year rust-through warranty. Although we are sure about our metal structures' longevity, we are still proud to offer a warranty against our livestock barn buildings.

    Get Livestock Barn at Lowest Prices

    We assure you of the lowest price livestock metal barns. Yet, you should know that the final barn price depends upon multiple factors that broadly include steel supply, steel price, customizations requested within the barn, etc. In short, more than one factor influences the final barn prices. To know the latest and lowest price for your livestock metal barn, give us a call today at (704)-579-6966. We have a dedicated team of barn specialists that can help you find the perfect-fit metal building at the lowest price in the construction industry.

    Prefabricated Livestock Steel Barns - Designed for Durability

    We are a team of experts that can help you make a wise decision when buying a multi-functional barn for livestock. We know what exactly you need, and hence we can help you with the precise knowledge and customization opportunities that will benefit you from the design and monetary aspects.

    We believe in delivering quality with the assurance of the quickest delivery at your doorstep. Hence our entire catalog of metal livestock barns fits entirely in your budget and meets your end needs. From tip to toe, you can make customizations as you want and share the customizations with us. We have a dealership with top metal barn manufacturers across the country that help us deliver you the same barn building you expected.

    Your dream Livestock Barn is just a few steps away from you!

    All you need is to surf the widest range of livestock barns and make the right selection. At Viking Barns, we provide you delivery & installation in the shortest lead time. For more doubts give us a call at (704)-579-6966.

    Some Common Question

    You should always pay keen attention to a few queries before finalizing the building for your needs.

    Following is a list of questions that you must ask to find the top-quality barn building for livestock:

    • Do you have essentials that need intense safety from outer weather?
    • How much can you spend on your barn?
    • What are the climate conditions in your area?

    Before placing an order, make sure the property is capable enough to upgrade with a livestock steel barn. Check your property for the following facilities.

    • Check for proper drainage options.
    • Check easy access to utilities and roads or driveways
    • Check for adequate airflow.
    • Check for level of expansion.

    The best way to find the perfect size of your barn for livestock is to consider your needs, required storage space for feed, housing space for the livestock, and more. In bigger farms, barn owners prefer installing separate metal structures for different purposes.

    However, small barn owners prefer installing single yet multi-functional barn to fulfill their diverse needs. Still, if you aren't able to make the right decision, call us at (704)-579-6966 today.

    Viking Barns wants you to have peace of mind about your livestock barn’s integrity. We understand your animals’ well-being and can ensure that our metal livestock barn structure is the best choice for you.