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    Top Selling Metal Outdoor Sheds

    Check from our wide range of Metal Outdoor Sheds and order the one that fits in your custom needs.

    20x50x10 Metal Combo Unit

    20x50x10 Metal Combo Unit

    20x50x10 metal combo unit comes with 15' utility, one walk-in door, and more.

    30'x70'x9' Combo Utility Metal Building

    30'x70'x9' Combo Utility Metal Building

    30'x70'x9' Utility Metal Building includes (3) 8' x 8' Garage Doors, (1) 36" x 80" Walk-In Door, and other components.

    30'x40'x12' Enclosed Metal Garage Building

    30'x40'x12' Enclosed Metal Garage Building

    30'x40'x12' Enclosed Metal Garage Building includes a 30' Wide x 40' Long x 12' Wall Height enclosed center unit with (1) 12'x40' Lean with 9' Wall Height.

    24'x36'x12' Custom Utility Building

    24'x36'x12' Custom Utility Building

    A versatile and spacious 24'x36'x12' Custom Utility Building designed to meet all your functional needs, which includes (6) 30" x 36" windows, (1) Walk-in door, and more.

    22'x26'x10' Lean To Metal Garage

    22'x26'x10' Lean To Metal Garage

    A versatile 22'x26'x10' Lean To Metal Garage designed to meet all your functional needs, which includes (1) 36" x 80" Walk-In-Door, (2) 9' x 8' Garage Doors, and more.

    20'x26'x9' Steel Garage With Lean To

    20'x26'x9' Steel Garage With Lean To

    Spacious 20'x26'x9' steel garage with convenient lean-to extension for versatile storage and workspace, which includes (1) 36x80 Walk-In-Door, (1) 9' x 8' Garage Doors, and more.

    18'x26'x10' Custom Steel Building

    18'x26'x10' Custom Steel Building

    18'X26'X10' Custom Steel Building comes with 10'W x 26'L x 9'/7'H Lean-To Shed.

    20'X36'X10' Utility Building

    20'X36'X10' Utility Building

    20x36x10 Metal Combo Unit includes (2) 12'x8' Frame Outs, (2) 8'x8' Garage Doors, and other components.

    30x41x12 Lean To Garage Building

    30x41x12 Lean To Garage Building

    30x41x12 steel garage with lean-to includes (1) 36"x80" Walk-in Door, (3) 10"x10" garage doors, and other components.

    Outdoor Metal Sheds

    Do you have trouble storing your belongings, as well as other equipment and machines? Renting a storage space isn't a long-term solution, and you won't have the same quick access to your belongings as you would with your own outdoor metal shed. Backyard sheds can be a long-term storage solution that can accommodate all of your requirements.

    Outdoor metal storage sheds are completely enclosed metal structures that may protect your assets from both the sky and the side. So, go ahead and purchase outdoor storage sheds to answer all of your storage issues.

    Uses of Outdoor Storage Metal Sheds

    Here are some prominent applications of prefab outdoor steel sheds.

    • Grain Storage
    • ATV Garage
    • Backyard Art Studio
    • Library
    • Backyard Man Cave
    • She-shed
    • Equipment Shed
    • Steel Garden Shed
    • Lawnmower Room
    • Motorcycle Parking
    • Hay Storage

    Steel Outdoor Sheds Customizations Options

    Metal structures are open to full change. You have complete freedom to modify your building specs to meet your functional and structural needs. The characteristics you can have to suit your needs are listed below.

    • Customizable Width, Length, and Height
    • 3 Roof Style (Regular, Boxed Eave, and Vertical)
    • Horizontal and Vertical Panels
    • 12 and 14 Gauge Steel Panels
    • 15- Color Option
    • Two-tone Color Options
    • 4- Garage Color Options

    Add-on Options

    • Windows
    • Skylights
    • Roll-up Garage Doors
    • Walk-in Doors
    • Wainscoting
    • Lean-to
    • Insulation (Double Bubble and Woven R-17)

    Best Features of Metal Outdoor Storage Sheds

    Amazing Longevity: Metal storage sheds for the outdoors are extremely sturdy and give years of service. Because metal backyard structures are anti-corrosive, hazardous elements such as sunlight, water, and dirt have no effect on them. Steel outdoor sheds have a long life cycle and can last for decades because they do not rust. Your backyard construction is especially ideal for coastal areas because outside steel sheds do not rust or warp in humid settings like timber buildings can. As a result, your one-time investment can last for decades with prefab steel outdoor sheds.

    Highly Robust: In comparison to other building types, backyard metal constructions are the most durable. Steel, among other building materials, has the highest strength-to-weight ratio, according to technical properties. All of the backyard storage structures are composed of galvanized steel, which has an excellent strength to protect your possessions during inclement weather such as blizzards, tornadoes, and snowstorms.

    Best Cost-Effectiveness: Your steel outdoor storage building appears to be the most expensive alternative, but backyard storage houses are actually the most cost-effective building option. We offer the greatest outdoor metal shelters at the most affordable costs. After saving money on our low-cost backyard storage houses, you can also save money on the upkeep of your backyard storage units. The upkeep of your outdoor storage sheds is very cost-effective because steel storage sheds do not deteriorate and require little maintenance. You may put your trust in us when it comes to purchasing an outdoor steel shed.

    Less Maintenance: Because outdoor metal sheds are unaffected by the elements, these are simple to manage. As a result, steel sheds are less prone to decay or be damaged in extreme weather. The anti-corrosive properties of the shed reduce the damages and the relative maintenance. Hence, basic cleaning and dusting will suffice to maintain your backyard steel building.

    Best Fire Protection: You should find a way to protect your loved ones and assets against fires. Metal buildings are a fire-fighting solution since metal is a non-combustible material. Your steel outdoor storage shed can protect your valuables from fire damage.

    Buy Your Outdoor Shed with Viking Barns

    Viking Barns is a leading steel building distributor in the United States. We can provide you with a high-quality shed at a reasonable price. We guarantee commercial-grade steel buildings to ensure that you have the greatest housing for your needs.

    We offer a 20-year rust warranty, a 10-year panel warranty, and a 1-year craftsmanship warranty when you purchase your outdoor metal shed from us.

    Furthermore, we provide flexible payment alternatives such as RTO and Financing to assist consumers who are unable to make the entire amount at once. So, place your order for your shed right now!

    Call us at +1 (704) 579-6966 if you have any questions about the order, price, or payment.

    Most Common Frequently Asked Question

    In most cases, when you submit an order, you must pay a deposit to reserve your building. You must pay the remaining balance on the day of installation.

    If you are unable to pay the entire cost on the installation day, you can purchase your building using our RTO and Finance payment alternatives.

    It depends; permits or approvals are required in some states in the United States. You should check with your local building department to see if a permit is required.

    If you require a permit, you must obtain it prior to the installation date; otherwise, your shed will not be installed.

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