Metal Horse Stalls

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    Steel Horse Stalls

    Horses need the best care to keep them healthy. Various factors affect horses' health, and clean and robust housing is a must to keep your horse healthy and safe. Our barns have the perfect steel horse stalls that deter all the harmful elements from impacting your horses. Viking Barns have a wide range of metal horse stalls that have utmost resilience and endurance, which are the most desired properties of sheds.

    So, check out our steel horse stalls and get the best shelter for your horses.

    Application of Metal Horse Stalls

    Metal buildings are multi-functional sheds, and you can use your steel horse stalls for various purposes. You can use the additional space in your shed for purposes other than horse-related stuff. With us, you can get a steel horse stable or steel riding arena to meet a variety of unique equestrian needs, including:

    • Loafing Sheds
    • Storage Sheds
    • Stalls and Aisles
    • Equipment Sheds
    • Tack Room
    • Hay storage
    • Grain Storage
    • Workshop

    Affordable Steel Horse Stalls Prices

    Metal horse stalls are the most economical option than traditional sheds. The pre-engineered steel buildings have modern manufacturing, which means the building is produced in the components. This way, both production and installation of prefab metal horse stalls become economical and easy.

    Moreover, the steel is readily available due to its highest recyclability, which keeps the raw material price reasonable. Furthermore, we use galvanized steel, which has a zinc coating that prevents rusting, reducing the maintenance cost.

    Along with all these amazing features of steel horse stalls that help you save, we offer the discounted metal horse stall prices to contribute to your affordability. So, you get both quality and affordability with our metal horse stalls.

    Metal Horse Stalls Customization Options

    You can use the below customization options to upgrade your standard horse stalls and enjoy the multiple functionalities. For example, you can change the design to add additional space, where you can make a tack room or store the food. It's up to you how you want things; we are here with our custom metal building option to help you meet your expectations.

    • Customizable Width
    • Customizable Length
    • 3 Roof Style (Regular, Boxed Eave, and Vertical)
    • Horizontal and Vertical Panels
    • 12 and 14 Gauge Steel Panels
    • 15- Color Option
    • Two-tone Color Options
    • 4- Garage Color Options
    • Windows
    • Skylights
    • Roll-up Garage Doors
    • Walk-in Doors
    • Wainscoting
    • Lean-to
    • Insulation (Double Bubble and Woven R-17)

    Buy Metal Horse Stalls from Viking Barns

    Viking Barns is one of the reputed metal building dealers in the nation. We have a wide range of premium quality metal buildings to provide you the best shelter. You can get the hurricane-rated metal horse stalls from us that will provide utmost care to your horses and facilitate your operations.

    If you can't pay for your horse stalls in one shot, opt for our flexible RTO and Financing payment options. Moreover, you can get the below benefits if you buy from us.

    • 20-year Rust Warranty
    • 10-Year Panel Warranty
    • 1-year Craftsmanship Warranty

    So order now! For any help or support call us at (704)-579-6966.

    Some Common Question

    These are the two payment options we provide if you can't pay the whole amount. RTO needs no credit check, and you can pay the amount in monthly installments. You only have to pay an upfront amount, and the rest you can pay through installments.

    Like RTO, you have to pay back in EMIs, but you must have a good credit score to apply for the Financing payment option.

    Numerous features of steel horse stalls make this option perfect for your requirements.

    • High Resilience
    • Longevity
    • Affordability
    • Fast Construction
    • Low Maintenance
    • Pests and Termites Free
    • Noncombustible
    • Energy-efficient

    Every state has different rules, and some states mandate the permit in order to build on your property. It is to ensure the capability of your shed against the local weather. You may reach your local authorities to get information about permits and the application process. If you need anything from us regarding permits, we would be happy to help.

    Top Selling Metal Horse Stalls

    Check from our wide range of Metal Horse Stalls and order the one that fits in your custom needs.

    54'X60'X16' Carolina Barn

    54'X60'X16' Carolina Barn

    54x60x16 Barn Building includes (1) 30'x60'x16' Center Unit, (1) 36"x80" Walk-in Door, and other components.

    58x24x16 Raised Center Equipment Storage Barn

    58x24x16 Raised Center Equipment Storage Barn

    54’W x 24’L x 16’H Raised Center Equipment Storage Barn includes (1) 14’ x 14’ garage door and (2) 36” x 80” Walk-in doors. Other features include (2) 12'W x 24'L x 13'H Lean-Tos.

    48x31x12 Agricultural Metal Barn

    48x31x12 Agricultural Metal Barn

    48x31x12 Agricultural Metal Barn with frame outs, A-frame vertical roofs, Gable end, and horizontal slides.

    58x50x12 Red Barn Building

    58x50x12 Red Barn Building

    58x50x12 Red Barn Building includes 22'x50'x12' center all vertical with one 12'x12' door, two 12'x50'x9' all vertical lean-tos with two 9'x8' garage doors and two 36"x80" walk-in doors.

    42x26x12 Horse Barn

    42x26x12 Horse Barn

    42x26x12 Horse Barn with (2) side frame outs on one side. Center building with gable at front and lean-tos with gable at both ends.