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Are you looking for top-quality single-car carports for sale? Explore our wide range of one-car carports and order your dream steel structure at the industry's best pricing.

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    Top Selling Single Car Carports for Sale

    Check from our wide range of Single Car Carports for Sale and order the one that fits in your custom needs.

    40x40x14 Vertical Roof Metal Commercial Building

    40x40x14 Vertical Roof Metal Commercial Building

    Introducing our 40x40x14 Metal Commercial Building with Vertical Roof Design. This robust steel structure is meticulously engineered to meet your commercial needs.

    32x32x20 Vertical Steel Carport

    32x32x20 Vertical Steel Carport

    32'x32' Vertical Steel Carport provides ample space with two 18'x18' openings for convenient access.

    30x40x12 Triple Wide Steel Building

    30x40x12 Triple Wide Steel Building

    30x40x12 Triple Wide Steel Building, designed for unparalleled strength and versatility.

    44x21x12 Seneca Barn

    44x21x12 Seneca Barn

    44x21x12 Seneca Barn center unit is 20' wide x 21' long with 12' side height. With both sides closed in and two half ends with 18' wide x 11' tall frame outs.

    Buy One Car Carports

    A single-car carport is a perfect investment to park one car, ATV, or boat. It is an ideal way to safeguard your vehicle from common weather hazards like hailstorms, rainfall, and even UV rays. You can choose a perfect carport for one car and get its benefits for decades.

    How Can You Use a Single Car Carport?

    One car carport isn't only beneficial to shelter a car or ATV. Instead, you can use it for diversified purposes; some of them are listed below:

    Car parking: The primary purpose why most people invest in a carport is to shelter their car. One car carport can give sound security to your car and protect it from normal weather conditions. The width of one car carport starts with 12' which can be extended as per your requirement.

    Family Gatherings: When your car isn't parked in the carport, it's a good place to use as a family gathering place. You can throw a party or plan a weekend gathering to bring everyone on the same platform to enjoy the moment.

    Man Cave/She Shed: Man-cave and she-shed are the two broad options to enjoy your quality time and get the best of your shed. You can further customize your single carport to meet your personalized requirements.

    One Car Carports Roof Styles

    At Viking Barns, you are given three roof style options that can be selected while ordering. Each roof style has its custom benefits which you must consider before selection.

    Regular Roofs (Good): Regular roof style is the most economical roof style, which is considered in common. It is installed with round edges and horizontal paneling. It is best suited for areas where harsh weather is not an issue.

    A-Frame Horizontal Roofs (Better): A-frame roof style is better than regular roof style. Further, it offers you a residential look which makes it a preference over regular-roof. It is installed in a-frame format with horizontally-oriented panels. It is highly effective for areas with moderate weather conditions.

    Vertical Roofs (Best): It is the best one among all three roof styles. For certified metal carports, you are provided with a vertical roof. Further, it is installed with additional framing pieces and vertical panels. With these options, your metal carport is the best option for areas prone to inclement weather conditions.

    Customize Your One-Car Carport

    Looking for a perfect solution if you want to buy a fully customized metal carport for one car? You can contact us at (704)-579-6966 and discuss your customization requirements. Our dedicated building experts are always available to assist you with the right carport structure that can meet your custom needs and make it a long-lasting investment.

    You can directly choose any certified metal carport for a single car and get it installed at your location in the shortest lead time. We ensure your order reaches your doorstep as soon as possible. Our entire catalog comes with detailed information about your 1-car carport that you can briefly check before placing your order.

    So, what are you waiting for?

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    Benefits of One Car Carports

    Investing in a one-car carport brings numerous benefits, making it a wise choice for safeguarding your vehicle and creating versatile outdoor spaces. Here are some key advantages:

    Weather Protection: A single-car carport protects against weather elements such as hailstorms, rainfall, and UV rays. It acts as a shield for your vehicle, ensuring its longevity and reducing the risk of damage caused by exposure to the elements.

    Versatility: A one-car carport offers versatile usage beyond car parking. It can serve as a space for family gatherings, providing a sheltered area for parties or weekend get-togethers. Additionally, it can be transformed into a personalized retreat, serving as a man-cave and she-shed for quality leisure time.

    Customization Options: Choose from a range of customization options for your carport, allowing you to tailor the structure to meet your specific needs. Whether you want additional storage space, a unique design, or particular dimensions, our metal building experts can assist you in creating a personalized solution.

    Durable Construction: Our one-car carports are constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The robust design and certified metal components make them a reliable investment for years to come.

    Quick Installation: Our carports are delivered promptly, ensuring a smooth process from order to installation and allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your investment in the shortest possible time.

    Buy Single Car Carports for Sale

    If you are searching for high-quality and customizable carport solutions for a single car, then you can trust us. Our catalog offers top-notch certified metal carports for sale that can provide you with a secure and versatile outdoor space. You can choose the one that meets your unique requirements and enhance your property with a long-lasting and worthwhile investment.

    To discuss your customization needs or place an order, you can contact our dedicated building experts at (704)-579-6966. We are committed to providing you with the right one car carport structure that meets your unique needs. Take advantage of this opportunity and order your single car carport from us today!

    Some Common Questions about One Car Carports

    Viking Barns is an authorized dealer of top metal building manufacturers across the nation. We have vast buying options that you can choose to make a perfect carport for your car. Above all, our metal carports come with 100% satisfaction. Furthermore, you get multiple benefits that make us an unmatched metal building dealer in the USA.

    Below are our unique traits:

    • We provide 100% American manufactured metal carports
    • Our one-car carports are highly cost-effective
    • With one time installation, our carports can stand for 3-4 decades
    • You are provided RTO & Financing option to own a carport with a small deposit
    • You can easily customize a carport
    • We offer multiple warranties against our metal carport

    You can choose from the RTO and financing options.

    Rent-to-Own option lets you pay a small deposit and utilize the carport for parking purposes. You can pay for the carport till you want. Moreover, you can pay off anytime and get 100% ownership of the one-car carport.

    Rent To Own Benefits:

    • No credit check
    • Flexible payment options
    • Affordable monthly payments
    • Payoff Anytime
    • Instant approval
    • Ownership in 36 months or less

    Metal Carport Financing is another excellent option to choose if you are not able to pay full upfront. Viking Barns have tie-ups with prominent finance lenders who are always available to help you finance at the lowest interest rates.

    Metal Carport Financing Benefits

    • Flexible payment terms (24-72 months)
    • Tie-ups with leading finance vendors
    • Financing available up to $50K Building price
    • Payoff anytime
    • Quick and easy financing process
    • Complete transparency