Prefab Metal Office Buildings

Prefabricated office metal buildings provide efficient, turnkey solutions for quick setup. Simplify your workspace with easy-to-assemble structures designed for convenience and functionality.

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    Top Selling Metal Office Buildings

    Check out our wide range of steel office buildings and order the one that fits in your custom needs.

    50x60x12 Metal Garage With Lean-To

    50x60x12 Metal Garage With Lean-To

    This 50x60x12 Metal Garage With Lean-To is a large building that comes with one 38'x60'x12' enclosed garage, one 12'x60'x 9 Lean Too, and more.

    48x76x16 Commercial Garage Building

    48x76x16 Commercial Garage Building

    48x76x16 commercial garage building comes with (4) 14 x 14 Roll Up Garage Doors, (1) 12 x 24 x 9 Lean Too, and more.

    24x50x15 Two Tone Steel Garage

    24x50x15 Two Tone Steel Garage

    24x50x15 two-tone steel garage comes with three 12'x12' garage doors, four windows, and more.

    30x71x12 Commercial Building With Lean To

    30x71x12 Commercial Building With Lean To

    30x71x12 commercial building with lean-to comes with two 12'x30'x9' vertical lean-to, three 10'x10' colored garage doors, and more.

    26x50x16 Two Tone Metal Garage

    26x50x16 Two Tone Metal Garage

    26x50x16 two tone metal garage comes with three 12'x12' garage doors, one walk-in door, and more.

    30x50x14 Metal Building

    30x50x14 Metal Building

    30x50x14 metal building comes with one 12'x50'x14' lean-to, three 10'x8' garage doors, and more.

    38x40x14 Metal Garage

    38x40x14 Metal Garage

    38x40 steel building comes with one walk-in door, two 10x10 garage doors, and more.

    30x71x14 Commercial Building With Lean To

    30x71x14 Commercial Building With Lean To

    30x71x14 commercial building comes with one 15'x31' vertical lean-to, eight 30x30 Windows, and more.

    26x40x10 Vertical Roof Steel Garage

    26x40x10 Vertical Roof Steel Garage

    26'Wx40'Lx10'H vertical roof garage comes with (4) Windows, (1) Walk-in Door, and more.

    60'x100'x14' Clear Span Building

    60'x100'x14' Clear Span Building

    60'x100'x14' clear span building comes with (3) 12'x12' Frame Out, (2) 36"x80" Walk-in Frame Out, and more.


    Prefabricated Office Steel Buildings

    For your startup or a growing business, if you need an office building, prefabricated office metal buildings are the best solutions. These structures offer a versatile and efficient option for establishing or expanding your workspace. With their customizable design and quick construction process, prefabricated metal buildings provide a practical solution tailored to your business needs. Whether you require a small office space or a larger corporate headquarters, prefabricated metal buildings can be adapted to accommodate your requirements while ensuring durability and functionality.

    Prefab office buildings provide a modern and durable solution for businesses seeking reliable structures. These buildings are constructed using high-quality steel, offering strength and longevity. With a focus on structural integrity, metal office buildings are designed to withstand various environmental conditions, providing businesses with a secure and stable workspace. The use of metal in construction ensures a cost-effective and efficient process, allowing for timely completion and a practical alternative to traditional building materials.

    Versatile and adaptable steel office buildings meet the growing needs of businesses. Flexibility in design allows efficient use of space, accommodating different layouts and floor plans. Whether a single-story office or a multi-level corporate headquarters, metal buildings offer scalability without compromising on stability. Additionally, the streamlined construction process minimizes disruptions, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to expand or establish a new workspace swiftly and with confidence.

    Various Applications of Steel Office Building

    Apart from serving as offices, steel buildings can be used for several other purposes due to their versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Some common uses of metal buildings include:

    Corporate Headquarters: Metal office buildings serve as impressive corporate headquarters, projecting a professional image while providing a strong and secure workplace for an organization's leadership and administrative staff.

    Office Complexes: These buildings are well-suited for creating expansive office complexes, allowing multiple businesses or departments to operate efficiently within a unified structure. Steel construction's flexibility facilitates the design of interconnected spaces.

    Medical Offices: Steel buildings provide a practical solution for medical offices, clinics, and healthcare facilities. The adaptable design can accommodate various medical services and specialties, ensuring a conducive environment for patient care.

    Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities benefit from steel office buildings as administrative hubs. These structures offer space for administrative offices, faculty rooms, and other support services, contributing to the smooth functioning of educational institutions.

    Technology Hubs: The tech industry thrives in prefab metal office buildings designed to foster innovation. These structures can house research and development centers, software development teams, and other tech-related activities that require a dynamic and collaborative workspace.

    Co-Working Spaces: The rise of flexible working arrangements has increased the demand for co-working spaces. Metal buildings can be tailored to create vibrant co-working environments, accommodating freelancers, startups, and remote workers.

    Showrooms: Steel structures offer an excellent solution for showrooms, providing a sleek and modern aesthetic for displaying products. The open design possibilities allow for creative layouts that enhance the showcasing of goods and services.

    Training Centers: Steel office buildings are well-suited for training centers where companies can conduct employee training programs, workshops, and seminars. The spacious interiors and customizable layouts contribute to an effective learning environment.

    Overall, metal buildings are popular because they can be used for many different purposes, such as businesses, factories, and even homes.

    Benefits of Buying Metal Office Building

    Steel buildings specially engineered for offices offer many benefits over traditional construction methods.

    Low Maintenance: Metal buildings require minimal upkeep, saving both time and money. The materials used in construction are resistant to weathering, reducing the need for frequent repairs. This low-maintenance feature allows businesses to focus on their operations without the distraction of constant building maintenance.

    Greater Flexibility: Metal structures offer unparalleled flexibility in design and layout. The open-span construction allows for versatile floor plans, accommodating various office configurations. Businesses can easily adapt the interior space to meet their evolving needs, promoting a dynamic and efficient work environment.

    Energy Efficiency: Steel office buildings excel in energy efficiency. The materials used in construction provide excellent insulation, helping to regulate interior temperatures. This creates a comfortable workspace for occupants and contributes to lower energy bills, making metal buildings an environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice.

    Faster Construction Time: One significant advantage of prefabricated office buildings is their quick construction time. The pre-engineered components are precisely manufactured, allowing for a streamlined and efficient assembly process. Businesses can move into their new space sooner, reducing downtime and accelerating their operations.

    Architectural Versatility: Steel structures offer architectural versatility, allowing for modern and aesthetically pleasing designs. Whether a sleek corporate office or a creative studio, metal buildings can be customized to reflect the unique identity and branding of the business. This architectural adaptability ensures that the office space aligns with the company's image and values.

    Affordability: Pre-engineered metal office buildings are a cost-effective solution for businesses. The materials used in construction are readily available and competitively priced, resulting in overall lower project costs. Additionally, the efficient construction process reduces labor expenses, making metal buildings an affordable option without compromising on quality or durability.

    Customization Options for Steel Office Buildings

    At Viking Barns, we offer custom metal offices at highly competitive prices to help you create the perfect workspace. Below are the customization options you can choose from to modify your metal office.

    • Windows
    • Panel Orientation
    • Walk-in Doors
    • Skylights
    • Solar Panels
    • Wainscot
    • Custom Dimensions (Width, Length, and Height)
    • Custom Design
    • Three Roof Styles (Regular, Boxed eave, and Vertical)
    • 15- Color Options
    • 12- and 14-Gauge Steel Framing
    • Insulation (Double Bubble and Woven R-17)

    Therefore, you have plenty of options to customize your steel office to meet your needs.

    Buy Metal Office Buildings from Viking Barns

    Viking Barns is one of the top metal building dealers in the USA. You can get hurricane-rated metal buildings from us to meet your several needs. We assure you of the best quality for your steel office building at highly affordable prices. So, buy your metal office building now!

    Moreover, if you cannot afford the whole amount together, we offer flexible payment options like Rent-To-Own (RTO) and Financing for your dream office steel structure.

    Furthermore, if you buy your metal office buildings from us, then you will get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty. So, order your prefab office building now!

    For any support, you can contact our building experts on (704)-579-6966.

    Some Frequently Asked Common Questions

    Metal office buildings come in a range of sizes to accommodate different workspace requirements. Common sizes include 20' x 30', 30' x 40', 40' x 60', and larger dimensions based on the business's specific needs.

    Yes, prefabricated office buildings are highly adaptable to various business needs. The flexible design allows for versatile floor plans and layouts, whether it's a corporate headquarters, medical office, or technology hub. Businesses can easily customize the interior space to suit their specific operations.

    The need for permits depends on local building codes and regulations. It's crucial to check with the local authorities to determine the specific requirements for constructing a metal office building in a particular area. Working with a professional contractor can help you navigate the permitting process effectively.