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Dreams Carports and Buildings is a leader in metal building manufacturing since 2010. It provides. They serve high-quality steel carports and garages in 13 states of the nation.

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    Top Selling Steel Buildings From Dream Carports and Buildings

    Check out and buy the best quality structure you always dreamed of.

    24x25x12 Vertical Roof Metal Garage

    24x25x12 Vertical Roof Metal Garage

    This 24x25x12 Vertical Roof Metal Garage comes with two 10'x10' Roll Up Garage Door, one 36"x80" Walk in Door, and more.

    46x60x12 Clear Span Building

    46x60x12 Clear Span Building

    This 46x60x12 Clear Span Building comes with two 10'x10' Roll Up Garage Doors, one 36"x80" Walk in Door, and more.

    28x80x12 Metal Combo Unit

    28x80x12 Metal Combo Unit

    This 28x80x12 Metal Combo Unit comes with two 8' x 11' Side Entry, one 10' x 10' roll-up garage door, and more.

    24x25x12 Steel Garage

    24x25x12 Steel Garage

    This 24x25x12 Steel Garage is a 2-car garage that comes with two 10'x10' roll-up garage doors, one 36"x80" walk-in door, and more.

    40x55x10 Carolina Barn

    40x55x10 Carolina Barn

    Check this 40x55x10 Carolina Barn which comes with one 36"x80" walk-in door, one 6'x6' roll-up garage door, and more.

    20x30x10 Metal Combo Unit

    20x30x10 Metal Combo Unit

    This 20x30x10 Metal Combo Unit is a multi-use steel building that comes with four 45-degree openings, one 36"x80" Walk-in door, and more.

    72x148x18 Storage Building

    72x148x18 Storage Building

    This 72x148x18 Storage Building is installed with four 12'x14' frame out, six 12'x14' side entry, and many more.

    72x92x16 Lean To Metal Garage

    72x92x16 Lean To Metal Garage

    This 72x92x16 Lean To Metal Garage comes with a 60x92x16 Center Unit, one 12x92x13 lean-too, one 10x20x10 lean-too, and more.


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    Dream Carports and Buildings Inc. - America's Leading Metal Building Manufacturer

    Dream carports and buildings are one of the top metal building manufacturers in the nation since 2010. They provide galvanized steel carports and garages with 29 and 26 gauge panels for roofing and sidings. Dream carports and buildings are pledged to serve the exact shed that people need. They provide customization options so that you can have the building of your dreams.

    Viking Barns always want the best structures for their customers, and Dreams carports help us do that. Dream carports and Building fabricate resilient structures that house all the requirements of the customers. Manufacturers utilize the raw material that conforms to the strict ASTM steel specifications and serves quality housing.

    So, you can choose the dream carports and buildings for getting quality metal carports and garages.

    Building Styles from Dream Carports and Buildings

    Dream carports and buildings have a wide range of products, and quality is guaranteed.

    Deluxe A-Frame Style

    Deluxe A-frame style buildings are the A-frame roof structures with an extension on the top. These look more like a barn with open sides. Deluxe A-frame metal sheds have vertical roofs that provide the ultimate protection from extreme weather and reduce the snow accumulation on your structure. You can choose from 12 and 14 gauge steel panels to fabricate your deluxe A-frame-style metal buildings. You also have customization options, and you can enclose your metal barn building and add the garage doors, windows, and skylights.

    Dream Style

    It's the exclusive metal building style that dream carports and buildings provide. It looks like a gazebo, and you can have it to shelter your patio for outings. You can have affordable dream-style building prices with custom packages for custom dream-style metal buildings.

    Fully Enclosed Garages

    Garages are the basic need of people and are used for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural uses. The fully enclosed metal garage provides the best weather and vandalism protection to your stuff. It is available in 12 and 14 gauge frame panels. Moreover, you can choose from 13 amazing colors for your garage to meet your aesthetic appeal.

    Loafing Sheds

    Traditional buildings were used for building loafing sheds, but they aren't long-lasting. Steel loafing sheds are commercial-grade steel structures and provide you reliable shelter that has appreciable longevity. You can use steel loafing sheds for horse shelter, a dry place for cow and calves, and hay storage.

    Red Barn/Horse Barn/Seneca Barn

    Agriculture needs different style barns, and we provide all popular designs like Red, Horse, and Seneca Barn. You can get up to 54' wide barns and are customizable further. Barns are a combo of three sections; one central unit and two lean-tos. The central unit ranges from 12’-30' width and lean-tos from 10’-12' width. So, get the barn you want. Generally, you can use a barn for livestock housing, farm machinery, feed, and storage. Metal barns are strong, durable, and can be constructed faster than conventional sheds.

    Side Entry Buildings

    Side entry steel buildings help people who don't have space for large carports and want to park multiple vehicles. You can choose from square frame openings and 45' frame openings. Moreover, you are free to fully enclose the structure to get maximum safety. Side entry building price includes two gable ends, front side completely closed, and back wall with a 3'wide panel down.

    Strongest Deluxe Carports

    Carports are the basic need to store cars, trucks, boats, and other vehicles. Dream carports provide a range of quality carports from 12’-14' wide carport units. You have three roof options Regular, A-frame Horizontal Style, and A-frame Vertical Style with 12' and 14' gauge framing options.

    Regular style is the most affordable one, where A-frame horizontal roof style is best for moderate weather conditions. Last, the A-frame vertical roof style carports are the premium sheds that provide utmost weather protection.

    Utility Carports

    Utility metal carports are the most famous sheds as these are the combo of carports and garages. Hence, a utility carport allows you to meet your multiple requirements in one shed. The standard utility carport has a 10' wide enclosed area that is completely customizable. You have two frame options of 12 and 14 gauges.

    26’-30' Triple Wide Carports

    26’-30' triple wide carports are the perfect shed for the large structure requirement like multiple vehicle parking, truck parking, equipment storage, warehouse, etc. The certified triple wide carports meet the wind and snow ratings to promise you total protection. Same as others, you have two steel frame options, 12 and 14 gauges.

    Flexible Payment Option from Dream Carports and Buildings

    Dream carports and buildings offer the most reasonable steel building price for their commercial-grade buildings. You can always rely on this manufacturer for quality metal sheds. Moreover, if you can't pay for your steel buildings in one shot, you can choose the flexible payment option from dream carports.

    Dream carports & buildings offer the financing option that you can opt for up to $25K buildings. Select your shed, and fill-up the form to finance your structure and buy the metal building you want.

    Dream Carports and Buildings Service Areas

    Dream carports and buildings serve in the 13 states of the USA. The 13 states are Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

    Viking Barns is one of the reputed metal dealers of the dream carports and buildings. We serve the best quality structures from top manufacturers, and dream carports are one of them. So, if you want any building from dream carports and buildings, then reach our building experts at (704)-579-6966 to buy your shed now!