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Are you looking for a tailor-made metal barn structure in West Virginia, WV? Viking Barn is the right platform to choose from an extensive range of barn structures at affordable price and shortest lead time.

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    Top Selling Metal Barns in West Virginia WV

    For versatile farming, agricultural or commercial purposes, you can choose from our wide range of prefab metal barn buildings and book it right away. Select an ideal structure and make an order with easy customization options.

    50x40x14 Shed Row Barn

    50x40x14 Shed Row Barn

    50'x40'x14' Shed Row Barn comes with an enclosed garage as the center unit along with two Lean-to's attached to the structure.

    58x24x16 Raised Center Equipment Storage Barn

    58x24x16 Raised Center Equipment Storage Barn

    54’W x 24’L x 16’H Raised Center Equipment Storage Barn includes (1) 14’ x 14’ garage door and (2) 36” x 80” Walk-in doors. Other features include (2) 12'W x 24'L x 13'H Lean-Tos.

    48x30x12 Step Down Roof Barn

    48x30x12 Step Down Roof Barn

    48'x30'x12' Step Down Roof Barn includes 24' Wide x 30' Long x 12' Wall Height enclosed garage with lap siding.

    48x31x12 Agricultural Metal Barn

    48x31x12 Agricultural Metal Barn

    48x31x12 Agricultural Metal Barn with frame outs, A-frame vertical roofs, Gable end, and horizontal slides.

    48x25x12 Two Tone Carolina Barn

    48x25x12 Two Tone Carolina Barn

    48x25x12 Two Tone Carolina Barn includes 140mph/30psf Certification, 24'x25'x12' Center Unit and more.

    Types of Roof Style

    Every metal barn manufacturer provides you three roof styles that are distinguished based on the design and installation of roof panels. Among all three options, the price varies based on their durability and strength.

    Regular Roof Style

    Regular roof metal barns in West Virginia are often called horse barns. These barns are suitable to house your cattle and give them protection from extreme sunlight. However, this roof isn't compatible to safeguard your cattle from harsh weather.

    A-frame Roof Style

    A-frame roof style is popular among first-time buyers as it provides a residential look to your structure. This roof style is recommended if you are living in moderate weather conditions and have no fear of heavy rainfall, snowfall, hurricanes, earthquakes, or wildfires.

    Vertical Roof Style

    Among all roof styles available, vertical roof style is highly recommended to get a completely secure and safe shelter for your farming valuables or cattle. The vertical roof metal barn encourages easy water and snow runoff, keeping the roof safe and secure for decades. The WV metal barns made with vertical roofs are strong enough to confront inclement weather. With that said, your cattle are fully protected from adverse weather conditions.

    Latest Metal Barn Prices West Virginia

    Every buyer search for an affordable metal barn in West Virginia before making a final decision. If you are also concerned about the metal barn's latest price, it's essential to know that multiple factors contribute to the fluctuation of steel barn prices. Below are the factors that determine the final barn price in West Virginia, WV.

    • Latest Steel Prices
    • Multiple Customization Options
    • Your Metal Barn Dimensions
    • Third-Party Installation Costs

    West Virginia Metal Barn Color Options

    Right color selection helps you amplify your farming/agricultural area. Viking Barns gives you the option to choose from 15 color options for side panels and four different color options for garage doors. You should note that selection of non-standard colors can fluctuate the final metal barn price. Hence, you should choose the right color or consult our barn specialists before paying the initial sum.

    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors

    Metal Barn Door Colors *Colors may vary due to pricing process

    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors

    Metal Barns Warranty

    Warranty is a plus when you are getting a commodity for your day-to-day purpose. Metal barns come with a 20-year rust-through warranty, a 10-year panel warranty, and a 1-year workmanship warranty. Hence, you can stay assured of your barn for at least 2 decades. Alongside a handsome warranty period, you are also offered free delivery at your property. You can connect with us at (704)-579-6966 if you're looking to purchase a prefabricated metal barn in West Virginia.


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    Get Custom Metal Barns in West Virginia, WV

    For farmers, ranchers, or business owners, a metal barn structure is mandatory to invest in. With one-time installation, you can use a prefab barn for numerous purposes, including parking your farming equipment, housing your livestock, or storing haystacks. For first-time buyers, it's tough to put their hard-earned money in the proper steel barn structure in West Virginia. Hence, Viking Barns provides you the best-suited barn options for various purposes.

    What are Metal Barn Accessories in West Virginia?

    In West Virginia, barn buyers are familiar with multiple accessories that help them enhance the barn's functionality. Below is the list of commonly used metal barn accessories.

    • Gable End
    • Skylight Panels
    • Walk-In Door
    • Windows
    • Garage Door
    • Insulation

    Why Choose Custom Metal Barns in West Virginia, WV?

    Numerous reasons contribute to the reason behind the selection of steel barn. Barn structures made of steel have numerous traits that outrank wood and other construction options.

    100% Galvanized Steel: Steel used in the construction of barns is 100% galvanized. Galvanisation ensures the steel remains alive for decades without rusting. This extends the life of your metal barn building and provides top-class safety to your valuables.

    Budget-friendly: Some think that steel barns are costlier than wood structures. However, they never include the lifelong maintenance cost with both. The cumulative cost of buying and maintaining a steel building is far lower than a wood structure.

    Low Maintenance: Maintenance is always an overlooked point that first-time buyers never consider in decision-making. Steel barn requires minimal maintenance compared to wood structures. Further, a fully certified metal barn rarely requires any heavy repair or replacement. You can fully rely on steel barn structure if you have a long-term plan.

    High Durability: With one-time installation, you can continue using the steel barn building for a minimum of 3-4 decades, which is double the life of a wood barn. Hence, you can easily understand the strength and durability of a barn made of steel vs. wood.

    Certified Metal Buildings: You get a fully certified metal barn in West Virginia with all vertical steel panels. Metal barn experts highly recommend a certified steel barn as they can confront harsh weather for decades. Steel building permits and certificates are easy to get in West Virginia.

    Less Installation Time Required: Steel building is always delivered at the destination in prefabricated components. All these components require onsite assembly, which reduces your installation time and additional labour cost.

    Pest & Fire Resistant: Pests and fire are two major issues that wood structures can easily encounter and harm your essentials. However, the steel barn structure is unaffected by pests and fire. This makes it easy for the buyers to keep their livestock, farming equipment, and haystack safe from natural wildfire and pests.

    Easy Payment Options for West Virginia Metal Barn

    Not every buyer is capable of paying full upfront for their dream building. Hence Viking Barns provides you hassle-free payment options. Below are the two easy payment options that can help you book your barn structure without mental stress.

    Metal Building Financing: It helps you cut your metal barn price into monthly instalments. We have tie-ups with multiple lenders that allow you to choose from different lenders and make a smart decision afterward. With our metal barn financing, you get multiple benefits that include:

    • Flexible payment terms (24-72 months)
    • Tie-ups with leading finance vendors
    • Financing available up to $50K Building price
    • Payoff anytime
    • The quick and easy financing process
    • Complete transparency

    Rent To Own: It is another good option, especially for buyers with a bad credit score. If you have a bad credit score, Rent-To-Own is an option to book your steel building with a small deposit and pay the rest monthly. Below are the advantages of our rent-to-own program.

    • No credit check required
    • Flexible payment options
    • Affordable monthly payments
    • Payoff anytime
    • Instant approval
    • Ownership in 36 months or less

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