A pioneer in the metal building industry, Carolina Carports provides vast building options at affordable prices. Get commercial & residential steel barn from 12’-wide to 60’-wide.

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    Top Selling Metal Barns from Carolina Carports

    Choose a sustainable metal barn from Carolina Carports and get quick Delivery with a 20-year warranty.

    50x62x12 Metal Barn

    50x62x12 Metal Barn

    50x62x12 Metal Barn comes with 30x41x12 Center unit, two 10'x41'x10' Vertical Lean toos, and more.

    42x36x15 Step Down Barn

    42x36x15 Step Down Barn

    42x36x15 step-down barn comes with two 12'x36'x10' lean-tos, three walk-in doors, and more.

    24x50x15 Two Tone Steel Garage

    24x50x15 Two Tone Steel Garage

    24x50x15 two-tone steel garage comes with three 12'x12' garage doors, four windows, and more.

    30x71x12 Commercial Building With Lean To

    30x71x12 Commercial Building With Lean To

    30x71x12 commercial building with lean-to comes with two 12'x30'x9' vertical lean-to, three 10'x10' colored garage doors, and more.

    26x50x16 Two Tone Metal Garage

    26x50x16 Two Tone Metal Garage

    26x50x16 two tone metal garage comes with three 12'x12' garage doors, one walk-in door, and more.

    30x50x14 Metal Building

    30x50x14 Metal Building

    30x50x14 metal building comes with one 12'x50'x14' lean-to, three 10'x8' garage doors, and more.

    26x36x15 Metal Garage

    26x36x15 Metal Garage

    26x36x15 metal garage comes with two walk-in doors, four Windows, and more.

    20x50x10 Metal Combo Unit

    20x50x10 Metal Combo Unit

    20x50x10 metal combo unit comes with 15' utility, one walk-in door, and more.


    Need Buying Assistance?

    Our steel barn experts are available to assist you with the perfect steel building that fits your pocket.

    Carolina Carports INC. - American’s Best Metal Garage & Carport Dealer

    Carolina Carports is one of American's best metal garage and carport dealers. The company exists in the metal building industry since 1997. Primary buildings offered by CCI include metal carports, steel buildings, garages, barns, custom buildings, and custom metal structures.

    Headquartered in North Carolina, the manufacturer is 100% committed to product quality, excellence in customer service, alongside offering the best price to their customers.

    Currently, CCI has seven manufacturing divisions across the United States of America:

    • North Carolina
    • Indiana
    • Mississippi
    • Pennsylvania
    • Texas
    • Missouri
    • Georgia

    At Viking Barns, we provide you top-quality metal barns and buildings right from American's best metal building dealer. Carolina Carports INC. (CCI) has a business history of 20+ years, and since day one, the manufacturer is committed to delivering the robust, strongest, and most reliable metal buildings to its customers.

    For whatever reason you want a steel structure, CCI has the perfect buying option for you.

    Core Competencies of CCI Metal Buildings

    Strong and Reliable: CCI believes in installing reliable and robust steel buildings at your lot. The top metal building manufacturer continually thrives on serving top-quality services to their customers and raises the bar of expectation. CCI wants to transform its goal into industry standards.

    20 Year Warranty: Biggest benefit of buying a metal building from a renowned manufacturer is an unmatched 20-year warranty. The rock slid company stands beside your metal structure and grants a 20-year warranty for their products. Hence, you don't need to think about any building issues till 20 years. Post 20-year, your building will remain still for many more decades. In short, one-time investing in Carolina Carports is going to give you long-term benefits.

    Below is the information on Carolina Carports warranties, which shows our confidence in the steel structures that we deliver at your doorstep.

    20-year limited rust-through warranty on:

    • 12 Gauge Framing
    • Vertical Roof Style Up to Any Length
    • Regular Style Up to 31' Long
    • Boxed Eave Style Up to 31' Long
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty on All Certified Units for Wind and Snow Loads

    10 Year Limited Rust-Through Warranty On:

    • 14 Gauge Framing
    • 1 Year Workmanship Warranty from the Date of Installation

    All warranties assume routine care and maintenance using mild soap and water. Avoid the use of any harsh chemicals as it can void the warranty. Warranties are limited and non-transferable.

    Delivery & Installation Included: Every buyer loves free goodies. However, metal building manufacturers don't provide any such goodies. Instead, CCI gives you quick delivery, saving significant time and complete peace of mind.

    However, the delivery depends upon your location or size of the building.

    So, are you ready to order affordable, durable, and beautiful Carolina Carports from Viking Steel Structures?

    Metal Buildings Offered by Carolina Carports:

    Carolina Carports Inc. isn't limited to a single metal building design. Instead, you can choose from a wide range of steel buildings that fulfill your requirements and don't put a dent in your pocket. Steel building types offered by CCI include:

    Standard Buildings 12'-24'

    • Regular Roof Style Carport
    • A-Frame Roof Style Carport
    • Vertical Roof Style
    • Open Standard Metal Building
    • Partially Enclosed Metal Buildings
    • Fully Enclosed Metal Building

    Barn Buildings

    • Horse Barns
    • Carolina Barns
    • Seneca Barns
    • Open Barn
    • Partially Enclosed Barns
    • Fully enclosed Barns

    Certified Triples 26'-30'

    • Regular Roof Style Certified Triples
    • Boxed Eave Roof Style Certified Triples
    • Vertical Roof Style Certified Triples
    • Open Triples
    • Partially Enclosed Certified Triples
    • Fully Enclosed Certified Triples

    Certified Commercials 40'-50'-60'

    • 40' Wide Certified Buildings
    • 50' Wide Certified Buildings
    • 60' Wide Certified Buildings
    • Open 60' Wide Certified Buildings
    • Partially Enclosed Certified Buildings
    • Fully Enclosed Certified Buildings

    Smooth Payment Options to Fit Your Budget

    Whether you are struggling with the financial crisis or you don't have sufficient funds to own your dream metal structure, Viking Barns is available to help you. Viking Barns is the authorized dealer of Carolina Carports, which makes us the unique and barn specialist in the industry. With a small deposit, you can book your dream steel building and get it delivered in the shortest lead time.

    Rent-to-Own Metal Building: With RTO Program by Carolina Carports INC., you can pay a small upfront and convert the rest into monthly installments. Rent-To-Own doesn't demand a good credit score. Furthermore, the RTO program gives you instant approval and easy repayment options.

    Financing: Viking Barns, in collaboration with Carolina Carports, Inc., has tie-ups with multiple financing companies to make the buying process easy. You can use the financing option and pay for a metal garage building affordably.

    For detailed information about RTO and Financing, give our specialists a call at (704)-579-6966.

    Carolina Carports, Inc. Service Areas:

    Carolina Carports, Inc ensures every buyer gets their dream metal structures throughout the USA. However, currently, the CCI only serves in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Florida.

    We, at Viking Barns, are the authorized dealer of Carolina Carports. Feel proud of our association with Carolina Carports, Inc. If you have requirements for any metal structures manufactured by Carolina Carports, call our steel building specialists today at (704)-579-6966 to find the perfect steel solution.