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Eagle Carports is a renowned metal building dealer that brings your dream into reality supported with attractive Financing options.

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    Top Selling Metal Barns from Eagle Carports

    Find an ideal prefab steel barn for your land and get delivery in the shortest lead time. Make your choice today and protect your essentials from weather hazards.

    24x25x12 Vertical Roof Metal Garage

    24x25x12 Vertical Roof Metal Garage

    This 24x25x12 Vertical Roof Metal Garage comes with two 10'x10' Roll Up Garage Door, one 36"x80" Walk in Door, and more.

    46x60x12 Clear Span Building

    46x60x12 Clear Span Building

    This 46x60x12 Clear Span Building comes with two 10'x10' Roll Up Garage Doors, one 36"x80" Walk in Door, and more.

    28x80x12 Metal Combo Unit

    28x80x12 Metal Combo Unit

    This 28x80x12 Metal Combo Unit comes with two 8' x 11' Side Entry, one 10' x 10' roll-up garage door, and more.

    24x25x12 Steel Garage

    24x25x12 Steel Garage

    This 24x25x12 Steel Garage is a 2-car garage that comes with two 10'x10' roll-up garage doors, one 36"x80" walk-in door, and more.

    40x55x10 Carolina Barn

    40x55x10 Carolina Barn

    Check this 40x55x10 Carolina Barn which comes with one 36"x80" walk-in door, one 6'x6' roll-up garage door, and more.

    20x30x10 Metal Combo Unit

    20x30x10 Metal Combo Unit

    This 20x30x10 Metal Combo Unit is a multi-use steel building that comes with four 45-degree openings, one 36"x80" Walk-in door, and more.

    72x148x18 Storage Building

    72x148x18 Storage Building

    This 72x148x18 Storage Building is installed with four 12'x14' frame out, six 12'x14' side entry, and many more.

    72x92x16 Lean To Metal Garage

    72x92x16 Lean To Metal Garage

    This 72x92x16 Lean To Metal Garage comes with a 60x92x16 Center Unit, one 12x92x13 lean-too, one 10x20x10 lean-too, and more.


    Need Buying Assistance?

    Our steel barn experts are available to assist you with the perfect steel building that fits your pocket.

    About Eagle Carports, Inc

    Eagle Carports is a North Carolina-based metal building manufacturing company founded in 1996. The manufacturer provides a myriad of steel buildings, including carports, barns, garages, utility buildings, and more, for commercial and residential purposes.

    The metal building manufacturer is founded on three principles - substance, speed, and service. Eagle Carports works with six manufacturing locations across the United States of America. However, it ensures seamless manufacturing and distribution with independent dealers across the USA.

    Principles of Eagle Carports

    Substance: Eagle Carports make use of top-quality material with premium craftsmanship to provide you with a modern steel building that will stand still for generations. With in-house manufacturing of all prefab metal structures, the manufacturer makes sure quality is always the best.

    Speed: Every year, Eagle Carports manufacturer more than 50,000 carports and other steel buildings. Their expert manufacturing faculty and advanced equipment make it possible to take requests from the entire USA and deliver a fully-customized prefab building with minimal wait time.

    Service: Serving customers is always a priority for Eagle Carports. They have a dedicated team of metal building experts who assist you in selecting the right metal building. They further offer you with financing options to smoothen your buying experience.

    Metal Buildings Offered by Eagle Carports

    Eagle Carports provides you with multiple steel buildings options that fit your custom requirements and fit in your budget.

    Carports: Custom metal carports provided by Eagle Carports are manufactured with pre-engineered galvanized steel that builds a perfect parking shelter for your car, ATV, RV, or other automobiles. The manufacturer is highly efficient in delivering tailor-made steel carports through more than 2000 dealers across the USA.

    Metal Garages: Custom metal garages are perfect to house your essentials and provide utmost protection from theft, vandalism, and weather hazards. Eagle Carports provides you with metal garage kits that help install a garage yourself.

    Metal Barns: Prefab steel barns offered by Eagle Carports are manufactured with pre-engineered galvanized steel making it the perfect structure to shelter your farming equipment, protecting your livestock and haystack.

    Metal RV Covers: Fully customized Metal RV Covers are best to choose that provide complete protection to your boat, RVs, or motorhome. Prefab steel RV covers can be installed at least 18' width and can go up to 24' width and come standard with 14' legs that can be extended up to 16' tall. The manufacturer further provides RV covers with double legs and double base rails, offering exceptional strength and support.

    Metal Combo Units: Custom utility carports are best to choose if you want a storage building added with a carport structure.

    All these prefab steel buildings by Eagle Carports come with multiple customization options like color selection, roof-style, number of windows, walk-in doors, garage doors, and many more.

    Metal Building Roof Styles by Eagle Carports

    Eagle Carports provides three roof styles with every metal prefab building.


    Regular Roof Style: Regular roof steel garages are the most economical option for every metal building manufacturer. It is offered a unique shape where the steel panels are bent over the bow and truss. Building experts at Eagle Carports recommend using vertical roof style for steel buildings longer than 31 feet.

    Boxed-Eave Roof Style: Boxed-eave roof style is also known as A-frame horizontal roof style that offers a residential look to your structure. It is also a good investment that gives a great appearance to the buyer. However, it is only effective against normal to moderate weather conditions.

    Vertical Roof Style: Vertical roof-style is highly effective against harsh weather conditions like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc. In this roof style, steel panels are laid vertically and added with 18-gauge hat channels. With this, the strength and rigidity of your steel garage are extended.

    Metal Building Payment Options by Eagle Carports

    Eagle Carports is always available to help people looking for enough funds to order a perfect steel building. The manufacturer provides RTO and Financing options that make the buying process easy and hassle-free.

    RTO Offered by Eagle Carports: RTO Offered by Eagle Carports provides an easy payment option to book your custom steel garage without worrying about a bad credit score. People with a bad credit score can also apply for the RTO and finance their dream steel building.

    Benefits of RTO offered by Eagle Carports:

    Financing Offered by Eagle Carports:

    Metal barn financing is another excellent option if you plan to turn your upfront into monthly EMIs. You can get the ownership on day one and continue paying your dues every month with steel garage financing. Benefits offered by Eagle Carports include:

    It's important to note that buyers having a 640+ Credit Score can apply for metal building financing.

    States Covered by Eagle Carports

    Eagle Carports have authorized dealers covering almost every state of the United States of America. Still, there are a few states where Eagle Carports can provide their custom metal buildings with the shortest waiting period. The states are: