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We offer an extensive selection of personalized metal barns in Virginia, designed to meet your specific requirements. Choose from our precision-crafted, customized barns at the industry's most competitive prices.

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    Top Selling Metal Barns in Virginia VA

    From our diverse range of metal barns in Virginia to discover the perfect solution for your farming, agricultural and different purposes.

    24x25x12 Vertical Roof Metal Garage

    24x25x12 Vertical Roof Metal Garage

    This 24x25x12 Vertical Roof Metal Garage comes with two 10'x10' Roll Up Garage Door, one 36"x80" Walk in Door, and more.

    46x60x12 Clear Span Building

    46x60x12 Clear Span Building

    This 46x60x12 Clear Span Building comes with two 10'x10' Roll Up Garage Doors, one 36"x80" Walk in Door, and more.

    28x80x12 Metal Combo Unit

    28x80x12 Metal Combo Unit

    This 28x80x12 Metal Combo Unit comes with two 8' x 11' Side Entry, one 10' x 10' roll-up garage door, and more.

    24x25x12 Steel Garage

    24x25x12 Steel Garage

    This 24x25x12 Steel Garage is a 2-car garage that comes with two 10'x10' roll-up garage doors, one 36"x80" walk-in door, and more.

    40x55x10 Carolina Barn

    40x55x10 Carolina Barn

    Check this 40x55x10 Carolina Barn which comes with one 36"x80" walk-in door, one 6'x6' roll-up garage door, and more.

    20x30x10 Metal Combo Unit

    20x30x10 Metal Combo Unit

    This 20x30x10 Metal Combo Unit is a multi-use steel building that comes with four 45-degree openings, one 36"x80" Walk-in door, and more.

    72x148x18 Storage Building

    72x148x18 Storage Building

    This 72x148x18 Storage Building is installed with four 12'x14' frame out, six 12'x14' side entry, and many more.

    72x92x16 Lean To Metal Garage

    72x92x16 Lean To Metal Garage

    This 72x92x16 Lean To Metal Garage comes with a 60x92x16 Center Unit, one 12x92x13 lean-too, one 10x20x10 lean-too, and more.


    Three Roof Style Options for Virginia Metal Barns

    Choose the ideal roof style for your barn building in Virginia from various options, including regular roofs with rounded edges and vertical roof systems with traditional awnings. Our engineered roof systems are designed to withstand different weather conditions, allowing you to select the roofing style that suits your budget and location.


    Regular Roof Style

    The regular roof style offers an affordable option for buyers seeking a dependable shelter. In this type of barn, the steel panels are installed with a horizontal curve at their sides. Regular roof barns are suitable for lengths below 31 feet.


    A-frame Roof Style

    The A-frame roof style, also known as the boxed-eave roof style or horizontal roof style, imparts a residential aesthetic to the structure. Additionally, it offers superior performance compared to the regular roof style, enabling it to withstand moderate weather conditions.


    Vertical Roof Style

    The vertical roof style is the superior choice among the three options. It features steel panels installed vertically, ensuring efficient water and snow runoff. This design offers strength and durability without sacrificing affordability. Metal barns with vertical roofs are robust enough to withstand challenging weather conditions, ensuring complete protection for your livestock.

    Metal Barn Prices in Virginia VA

    In Virginia, we constantly supply the most up-to-date metal barn costs. The size and style of your new structure, further customization options, certifications, the site where the building will be constructed, and the manufacturer associated with your order all influence our final pricing.

    Before proceeding to purchase your envisioned barn building, it's crucial to be aware of the factors influencing the overall cost of your metal barn structure project. The following factors play a significant role in determining the final structure price.

    • Customization
    • Installation
    • Roof Type & Pitch
    • Steel Price
    • Insulation
    • Building Size
    • Foundation
    • Geographical location

    Give us a call today at (704)-579-6966 or send us an email to learn more about the latest metal barn pricing in Virginia.

    Metal Barns Color Options in VA, USA

    Our metal barns provide an extensive selection of color options for wall and roof paint, allowing you to personalize your project. In Virginia, customers can choose from various colors to complement other structures on their land. Many buyers prefer colors that match existing facilities, creating a cohesive and visually appealing property. By exploring the color options we offer, customers can ensure their metal barn enhances the overall aesthetics of their land.

    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors

    Metal Barn Door Colors *Colors may vary due to pricing process

    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors

    Metal Barns Warranty

    Viking Barns provide you a comprehensive warranty with every barn structure you order. You get a 20-year rust-through warranty, a 10-year panel warranty, and a 1-year workmanship warranty. You can connect with us at (704)-579-6966 if you're looking to purchase a prefabricated metal barn in Virginia.

    Additional Metal Building Options for Virginia Residents

    In Virginia, Viking Barns offers more than just prefab barns. Explore various custom metal buildings designed to meet your specific needs. Discover flexibility and quality in every structure we offer!


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    Buy Prefab Metal Barn Buildings in Virginia

    Metal barns in Virginia come in a variety of sizes and types. A metal barn is used for various purposes, including protecting your vehicle or other storage items from the outdoors. It has a wide range of uses in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, with unlimited modification options.

    In the United States, we are an authorized dealer associated with many well-known metal building manufacturers. You can keep your vehicles, tools, equipment, animals, and other possessions safe within a steel building with our precision-engineered structures. Our high-quality metal structures are both environmentally sustainable and superior to other options.

    Our steel building experts can show you all of the barn styles available and advise you on which will work best for your individual needs. You can also get carports, steel workshops, metal garages, commercial garages, RV garages, and other metal structures from our catalog. For additional information, call (704)-579-6966 and speak with one of our metal building professionals about your barn building needs.

    Benefits of Virginia Steel Barns Buildings

    Our top- quality VA metal barns can offer you various benefits that include:

    Durable- Metal barns in Virginia are built to endure a lifetime thanks to high-quality steel and expert craftsmanship. Steel structures are also more durable and sturdier than traditional timber structures.

    Low-Maintenance- Steel barn structures are designed to last for decades without requiring much upkeep.

    Fire-Resistant- Metal structures are exempt from any fire safety regulations. Steel is a non-combustible material that can safeguard your valuables from fire.

    Cost-Effective- Steel is less expensive than wood, making steel barn installation in Virginia inexpensive and cost-effective. You will save more money than you may imagine if you choose a VA metal barn.

    Longer Life- Steel has a greater life expectancy than wood, with an average lifespan of 30-40 years. However, the longevity of the structure is determined by your care and weather conditions.

    Design Flexibility- You can order a custom-fit metal barn for your property with a variety of customizing options.

    Environment-Friendly- Our steel buildings are recyclable; therefore, they have no negative impact on the environment. Furthermore, steel production uses very little energy. As a result, steel structures are frequently referred to as green structures.

    Damages- Our structures are composed of high-quality galvanized-steel and are not susceptible to harm like wooden buildings.

    Types of Metal Barns in Virginia

    Viking Barns has a team of experts who can build you various bespoke metal barns in Virginia. Whatever your requirements are, we have a barn that will meet them.Our metal barnscatalogue includes the best barn buildings for sale in Virginia:

    Top Accessories for Virginia Metal Barns

    Enhance your metal barns in Virginia with our range of accessories, providing additional functionality and customization options. Explore the list of accessories below and personalize your barn when placing your order.

    • Gutters & Downspouts
    • Trim Options
    • Windows
    • Overhead & Roll Doors
    • Liners
    • Vents
    • Roof Curbs & Jacks
    • Gable End
    • Walk-In Door
    • Skylight & Wall Lights
    • Insulation

    Monthly Payment Options to Buy Metal Barn in Virginia

    Metal Barn Financing in Virginia

    Do you want to buy a house but don't have enough money? Don't be concerned! There's no need to look further because Viking Barns offers the best in the industry financing options that make ordering a breeze. Our financing solutions have the lowest interest rates available. With varied metal barn financing solutions, you get multiple benefits, some of them are:

    • Flexible payment terms (24-72 months)
    • Tie-ups with leading finance vendors
    • Financing available up to $50K Building price
    • Payoff anytime
    • Quick and easy financing process
    • Complete transparency

    Rent-to-Own Barns in Virginia

    If you aren’t prepared to buy a metal barn, the RTO option is a great alternative. Furthermore, there is no requirement for a credit check while applying for the RTO Program. In Virginia, we provide incredibly durable steel barns with a quick RTO option. If you decide to buy it in the future, you may pay it off at any moment and make it yours.Take advantage of the rent-to-own options without worrying about financing.

    • No credit checks
    • Flexible payment options
    • Affordable monthly payments
    • Payoff Anytime
    • Instant approval
    • Ownership in 36 months or less

    For any doubts and queries, feel free to call our building specialists at (704)-579-6966.

    Why Choose Viking Barns for Dream Steel Barn Structure in VA, USA

    Viking Barns is a well-known metal barn dealer in the United States that sells Virginia-certified barns. Residents of Virginia get a steel structure that can withstand harsh weather with our high-quality metal barn buildings. All Virginia metal buildings can be customized to fulfill the customer's particular needs in terms of layout, aesthetics, and functionality.

    We have experienced metal building professionals to answer any questions you may have. Thanks to our years of knowledge and ability to give the best, we ensure you get the suitable metal barns in Virginia in the shortest amount of time possible.

    The following are some of our standout services and products:

    • We produce budget-friendly, high-quality metal buildings after studying the customer's total requirements.
    • We provide a large selection of metal houses at reasonable costs.
    • Allow for complete customization in terms of layout, aesthetics, and usefulness.
    • We offer the greatest pre-sales and after-sales services in the business.
    • Provide a galvanized tubular steel structure with a 20-year warranty.
    • Free delivery and installation of steel buildings are included.
    • Authorized dealer in the United States for over 15 manufacturers.
    • We provide 100% American-manufactured, high-quality steel barns that meet local building codes.
    • Build high-quality structures that are resistant to termites, fire, mold, and earthquakes.
    • All of our Virginia-certified metal structures are built to the highest quality standards.

    Allow us to assist you in choosing the ideal building package for your prefabricated barn kits or rural storage facilities. Call (704)-579-6966 or visit us online today to speak with one of our helpful building consultants.

    Common Uses of Virginia Steel Barn Buildings

    Our metal barn structures in Virginia aren't just for the necessities. Instead, we offer buildings that can accommodate both your personal and professional needs. Many farming and ranching applications benefit from our prefabricated steel barns and agricultural buildings. Our prefabricated metal barns provide weather protection for your cattle and equipment.Some of the common uses of custom steel barns uses in Virginia are:

    • Hay Storage
    • Dairy barns
    • Sheds for Animals
    • Heavy equipment and commodity storage
    • Horse stables
    • Riding arenas
    • Grain storage
    • Workshops

    Steel barns can be delivered to any city in the state of Virginia. Our metal barn experts are bound to benefit your demands with swift delivery and a reasonable price. Customer service is always a significant concern for us. So, if you're looking for a rapid price, give us a call at (704)-579-6966.

    Areas of Virginia Covered by Viking Barns

    Yes! We install Pre-Engineered Steel barn Building in all cities of Virginia. The cities, towns, and rural areas we deliver and install in include.