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    Top Selling Metal Barns in California CA

    At Viking Barns, you get a comprehensive range of metal prefab barns that can be used to protect your livestock, hay, farming equipment, and other essentials from debris, freezing weather, and other environmental hazards.

    42'x72'x12' Vertical Roof Metal Building

    42'x72'x12' Vertical Roof Metal Building

    Looking for the ultimate space for agriculture or commercial needs? Explore our 42'x72'x12' Metal Building today!

    40'x50'x16' Steel Garage Building

    40'x50'x16' Steel Garage Building

    40'x50'x16' Steel Garage Building comes with (1) 8'x8' Garage Door, (1) 10'x10' Garage Door, and more. Complete specifications of 40' Wide x 50' Long x 16' Tall steel garage

    40'x50'x14' All Vertical Commercial Metal Garage

    40'x50'x14' All Vertical Commercial Metal Garage

    40'W x 50'L x 14'H All Vertical Commercial Metal Garage is built to withstand harsh weather conditions.

    40'x50'x12' Vertical Roof Commercial Garage

    40'x50'x12' Vertical Roof Commercial Garage

    40'X50'X12' Vertical Roof Commercial Garage comes with (3) 10'x10' Roll-up Door and more customization options.

    40x40x14 Vertical Roof Metal Commercial Building

    40x40x14 Vertical Roof Metal Commercial Building

    Introducing our 40x40x14 Metal Commercial Building with Vertical Roof Design. This robust steel structure is meticulously engineered to meet your commercial needs.

    40x25x12 All Vertical Roof Barn

    40x25x12 All Vertical Roof Barn

    40x25x12 All Vertical Roof Barn includes 20'x25'x12' Center Unit, (2) 10'x25'x9' Lean-Tos, and other components.

    32x32x20 Vertical Steel Carport

    32x32x20 Vertical Steel Carport

    32'x32' Vertical Steel Carport provides ample space with two 18'x18' openings for convenient access.

    30'x72'x15' All Vertical Metal Building

    30'x72'x15' All Vertical Metal Building

    30x72x15 All Vertical Metal Building with four 10x10 Roll-up Garage doors and one 12x12 Roll-up with 45 degree cut outs around garage doors.


    Metal Barn Roof Styles Available in California

    Roof is an essential component of the metal barn that plays a significant role in increasing your barn strength. That's why it's essential to choose the right roof style for your barn. Every metal barn manufacturer provides you with three roof styles.


    Regular Roof Style

    In regular roof style, the steel panel runs horizontally from one end of the steel garage to the other. It is the basic yet affordable roof option for barns that are only used to protect your livestock from sunlight and normal weather conditions.


    Boxed-Eave Roof Style

    It gives a residential look to your barn as steel is installed in A-frame. The horizontal roof style is best to confront moderate weather conditions. It is a good investment for your barn if your area witness moderately bad weather like frequent rain.


    Vertical Roof Style

    Vertical roof-style is the perfect investment that results in verified steel barns for your land. Investing in vertical roof metal barns ensures the utmost safety to your essentials front harsh weather conditions like hurricanes, seismic waves, floods, and more. The vertical roof is installed with vertical steel panels that are further supported with hat channels.

    So, you should always consult with our metal barn experts at (704)-579-6966 before finalizing the right roof style for your barn.

    Latest Metal Barn Prices in California

    Before putting your hard-earned money in the pre-engineered metal barn, you should know that your barn price varies based on multiple factors like frame gauge, certification of barn building, and more.

    Steel Prices Fluctuation: Steel is a market commodity that is directly affected by its demand and supply. Hence, its price is entirely market-dependent, causing a significant change in your California barn price.

    Customization Options: Customizations are opted to add strength and functionality to your structure. Viking Barns provides 100% American-manufactured metal barns within budget. There are multiple customization options available with every barn.

    Below are the common customization options that you can choose from:

    • Skylights
    • Sliding Doors
    • Walk-in Doors
    • 26-Gauge Roof and Wall Sheeting
    • Translucent Panels
    • Roof Pitch
    • Deluxe Trim Package
    • Insulation
    • Plans and Drawings
    • Roll Up Doors
    • Gutters and Downspouts
    • Sealants and Flashing
    • Ridge Cap
    • Fasteners
    • Liners
    • Purlins
    • Horizontal or Vertical Slide Windows

    Barn Size: Barn size requires more material, which finally increases its price. Hence, you should pay keen attention to finalizing your barn size. Wrong barn size can trouble and cost you more than the required barn size. If you cannot find the right barn size, call our metal barn experts at (704)-579-6966.

    Installation Location: The final price of the barn depends upon your distance from the manufacturer. For a longer distance, higher transportation costs will increase your barn price. Further, your installation site accessibility will also affect its price. If it's tough to install the barn, more labour will be required, adding installation cost to your invoice.

    Viking Barns provide real-time barn prices in your location. Above all, we provide you with a customized price quote based on your personalized requirements. If you still find any doubt in pricing, we are always available to assist you on call at (704)-579-6966.

    California Metal Barn Color Options

    Viking Barns gives you multiple color options that add charm to your building and existing house. You can choose from 15 color options for side panels and four different color options for garage doors.

    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors

    Metal Barn Door Colors *Colors may vary due to pricing process

    • Colors
    • Colors
    • Colors

    Metal Barns Warranty in California

    The metal building warranty boost buyer's trust in your barn structures' durability and longevity. Every California steel barn provided by Viking Barns comes with a 20-year rust-through warranty, a 10-year panel warranty, and a 1-year workmanship warranty. Furthermore, you will receive quick delivery to your destination.

    Additional Metal Building Options for California Residents

    At Viking Barns, our options go beyond prefab barns. Choose from a variety of metal buildings tailored to your needs. Explore flexibility and quality in every structure!


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    Buy Pre-Engineered Metal Barn in California, CA

    Nowadays, metal barn has become the basic necessity for crop storage, farming, riding arena, storage, and farm equipment parking, prefabricated. It is an ideal investment offering premium features compared to stick structures. Farmers and ranchers are the most resourceful entrepreneurs that always need reliable metal prefab barns for their various purposes.

    Viking Barns provide you 100% American Made steel barns in California that are tailor-made to match your custom needs. We offer you 12-gauge and 14-gauge galvanized steel frames that help you choose from a standard and certified steel frame.

    Metal Barn in California - Build with Local Building Standards

    Different states across the USA have different building codes. Viking Barns provides you with custom metal barns that meet your local building codes. We have a wide range of barn structures that you can choose from. If you plan a new barn installation in California, we can help you choose the right structure and deliver it in the shortest lead time. With multiple customization options, you can extend your barn functionality.

    • Steel Gauges
    • Barn Dimension
    • Certification
    • Gables, Trim, and Anchors
    • Colors

    Benefits of Buying Metal Barns in California, CA

    California residents have multiple reasons to choose barn buildings. Nowadays, metal barns are used for various purposes due to their unmatched traits. Before investing in a custom metal barn in California, you should know the benefits of investing in steel barns.

    • Use of 100% Galvanized Steel
    • Budget-friendly
    • Low Upkeep Cost
    • High Durability
    • Certified Metal Barn Buildings
    • Less Installation Time Required
    • Resistant to Pests
    • Resistant to Fire
    • Longevity

    What are the Uses of California Steel Barns?

    California metal barn comes with multiple customizations within your budget. Interestingly, the benefits of the metal barn make it far superior to stick barns. You can use prefab metal barn for various purposes, some of them are listed below.

    • Riding Arena
    • Horse Barn & Stable
    • Greenhouse
    • Residential storage
    • Workshop
    • Dairy Business
    • Livestock Breeding Facility
    • Parking for Tractors or Farming Equipment
    • Boarding Facility
    • Shelter for Horses and Other Livestock
    • Hay Barn

    California Metal Barns Types

    Metal Barns at Viking Barns are not limited to a few buying options. Instead, you can choose from multiple barn types that prominently include:

    Easy Payment Options for California Metal Barn

    Metal Structures Financing: You can convert the final upfront into monthly installments with Metal Barn Financing. We work with multiple lenders that provide you with an easy financing option at the lowest interest rates. Our metal barn financing has the following benefits:

    • Flexible payment terms (24-72 months)
    • Tie-ups with leading finance vendors
    • Financing available up to $50K Building price
    • Payoff anytime
    • The quick and easy financing process
    • Complete transparency

    It is an awesome option for buyers struggling with a bad credit score. You can go with Rent-To-Own for barns that comes with instant approval and easy repayment options. The advantages of our rent-to-own program are detailed below.

    • No credit check required
    • Flexible payment options
    • Affordable monthly payments
    • Payoff anytime
    • Instant approval
    • Ownership in 36 months or less

    For any query, you can give us a call at (704)-579-6966.

    Why Choose Viking Barns for California Metal Barns?

    At Viking Barns, we consist of a professional team of experts that can help you find the right and most cost-effective metal building. We have multiple reasons for you to choose us and order an ideal metal barn. Some of the reasons are listed below

    • We don't sell; instead, we help you find the perfect barn for your needs.
    • We provide the most competitive prices in California, United States.
    • We offer a simple online ordering process with safe payment methods.
    • We offer the greatest pre-sales and after-sales services in the market.

    With years of expertise in the barn construction industry, contact our professional support and sales specialists to assist you in designing your barn now! Call us at (704)-579-6966, and let's discuss your custom barn requirements.

    California Areas We Serve

    Viking Barns have a presence throughout the USA. Still, it's essential to know the top areas in California where we serve your requests and provide you with pre-engineered metal barns at the shortest lead time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Permitting requirements can vary based on factors such as the size of the structure, its intended use, and local building codes and zoning regulations.It's advisable to check with the local building department or relevant authorities in California to ensure compliance with the necessary permitting procedures before commencing any construction on a metal barn building.

    Yes, a metal barn can handle California's diverse weather conditions effectively due to its sturdy steel construction and customization options for weather resistance, such as coatings and proper ventilation. Regular maintenance helps ensure its durability against varying elements.

    Yes, metal barns are highly customizable to meet specific needs and requirements. They offer a range of customization options, including size, design, layout, color, insulation, doors, windows, and additional features tailored to individual preferences or specific agricultural or storage needs.